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Whoever Does Wrong, Hold Him Responsible & Highland Barley Seed, (DVD), English/Chinese Erlang & Fire Child, (DVD), English/Chinese
Our Price: $19.95
Our Price: $19.95
Whoever Does Wrong, Hold Him Responsible:  Poyan, a shepherd of the Achang Tribe of Yunnan, is stubborn and quarrelsome. He is beyond reason when he throws a temper. So his wife suggests that he hold the person who does wrong responsible in every case to avoid disputes. This advice reaps the shepherd a surprising reward of gold. What do you think happens?

 Highland Barley Seed
:  Prince Achu of the Bula Kingdom in Tibet endeavors to improve the lives of his people. He embarks on a search for the highland barley. When he finally reaches a bag of seeds by the Snake Cave, he is turned into a dog. Will he be able to bring the seeds back to his people successfully?
Erlang:  Erlang, a giant guardian of 12 suns, is responsible for letting one of them shine each day. One day, all 12 suns sneak out at once to play and consequently scorch the earth. Erlang has to bring them back before it’s too late. But the suns are hot and impossible to get a grip on. What should Erlang do?

Fire Child
:  The Hani Tribe of Yunnan used to live in the dark because there was no fire. Azha, a young man, sets out to find fire and rescue his spellbound father. With the help of his hometown water and the mountain god, he sacrifices his life but brings back the much needed fire for the villagers. Today Hani people call fire “azha” in remembrance of his bravery. 
Seven Magic Brothers & The Sorceress of the Wooden Bridge Inn, (DVD), English/Chinese The Dung Beetle Who Wanted to be King & Gumiya, (DVD), English/Chinese
Our Price: $19.95
Our Price: $19.95
The adventures of seven super powered brothers are created in this compelling and thought provoking tale.  The second tale is about how the traveler outwits the innkeeper, turns the evil spells on herself, and restores those who were affected by her witchcraft. The Dung Beetle Who Wanted to be King:  Do you know the origin of man? And do you know who was once the king of the world? This legend from the Wa Tribe of Yunnan tells all. The round-body dung beetle always considers himself the king of the world. But intelligent man, by digging, building, and sometimes burning on the land begins to threaten its standing. The beetle is determined to seek help to eliminate mankind. Its effort to condescend to man fails miserably and the beetle ends up working in its own waste.

:  This Creation story is originated from the Bulang Tribe of Yunnan. It depicts how Gumiya, a self-conceived giant, creates the world using a rhinoceros – its hide for sky, its meat for dust, its blood for water…, and its brains for mankind. This colorful story is uniquely different from all other Creation stories.
The Man Who Understood Animal Language & Three Treasures, (DVD), English/Chinese
Our Price: $19.95
A tale of what happened when a kind-hearted man accidentally eats the Grass of Animal Language and obtains the ability to understand animal communications.  The second tale is about gifts from a magical fountain to an old couple to help reduce the pressure from cutting wood all day long and what happens when these gifts are stolen.